Conspiracy theories

With all these bonus offers on for joining a poker site it is hard not to refuse. However lately Poker firms have been more cute offering complicated scales so the customer has to play many hands and therefore minimise the amount of extra free money the customer can get from the special offers. However once in a blue moon you get an offer you just cannot refuse and, this happened to me last month.

I had a row with some anti-female, anti-black, anti-gay red necks on a betting forum. This led to a load of animosity between the protagonist – basically the argument cantered on single mothers and what should be done with them. My argument was that any single woman especially mothers was good as it gave us guys the opportunity for sex. We have all been there on a night out you meet some ladies on the pull usually ‘hen nights’ and – kapow!

Well these guys went into one about these women needed to be controlled etc and that I was a louche character and lack morals blah blah blah. My argument is why should these women be controlled, it takes two to tango? Is it because these guys don’t actually like women that they don’t want these women expressing themselves? Yes a child can be a produce from these brief liaisons but isn’t that the history of mankind? This has always been the case, with men trying to control women with such things as chastity belts?

Anyway these internet warriors had it in for me not because I abused them in written form but that I question their manhood and hypocrisy they all want to be known as a stud but believe that all women except for the ones they want should be angels. Well it doesn’t happen, and if a woman wants ex she should have the right to get it, preferably with me. Well that was that and later on one of these self appointed ‘police of the site’ had me banned for attacking a guys rather dodgy views on nationalism. That was it, unless they unbanned me I was not using their site as there are other places I can dispose of my income gambling.

This betting site then kept on offering me cash incentives to come back and after a while I was offered £100 cash to come back and play. This was too good and I did and immediately. I started to win and turned that £100 into over £750 took my profit out (about £420) and just play the tournaments as this is fun. I played the cash table but this particular betting website is basically played with machines and unless you have one you will be bored to death with the relentlessness of the machines tactics – basically they are cleaning up from the humans non-mathematical playing methods.

You can play aggressive and make some bluff calls but the problem with this is that you may get called because the machines don’t bluff.

Now all of a sudden my bad run is becoming suspicious like I am being set up! Constantly my winning hand is out gunned on the river. I keep on running into superior pairs which turn into trips as soon as I bet. It is becoming a habit. Maybe I am playing badly or that I am having unbelievable bad luck some how I cant get a winning hand. My theory is that the betting firms give you with one hand and take away with another hand. Why not set the machine to deal you hand that you must bet and get it beat? A great way of recovering their bonus payment with interest.