Why are women such Queens?

My trouble with the ladies just gets worst and worst. My default bird in Manchester is giving me jip about ‘not caring enough about her…’! Well I am sorry, but that is your husband’s job my dear, not mine. Straight away the mare sends me a text about how she carried me in her heart for 3 years and that it is all over because I am a pig yadda, yadda, yadda. Couple of days later and after a stroppy text from me saying ‘’are you still upset?’’ And everything is back to normal.

I wish the cards would behave themselves like my little northern bint because the next time I get pocket Queens I might just fold them and not bother because all that I end up is trouble. Twice yesterday while in different tournament I get pocket QQ in a late position and after everyone goes into the pot I go ‘all in’ get called by very weak hands and I lose my entire stack! Why are women such queens?

I know that you should take losing into your stride etc but when I was doing it I knew that I was going to lose. In one hand the person that called me had pocket 44 -and he won on the river getting three 4‘s- AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!

To compound matters I went and had a stiff whiskey or three and started to play Omaha which is my default game when I need to left of steam and go full tilt and guess what – yep I lasted all of two rounds and got booted out by – pair of Queens. Only thing for it is another stiff whiskey or five.