New Year, New Resolution…

Right now it is the time to make plans for the coming year. Deep down you just know the majority of plans will end in dust, especially those that rely on the personal will such as stop smoking/drinking/betting/over eating etc. But as they say you can never under-estimate the human spirit.

Without these aims and ambitions what is there to live for? What would be the point in saying ‘’I will continue to do exactly the same as I did last year’’? Exactly, so you know you will probably fail, you know you will probably eat more/drink more/smoke more and lose more but without the ability to make mistake we would not be human we would be angels and I have been around a bit and I am yet to meet an angel.

So when your next on a table with a ‘all in fish merchant’ and you know the minute you get pocket ace’s and he goes all in with KJ unsuited – and he win, at least you can say ‘’I wont be drinking/eating/smoking/betting for a month’’ and mean it….

Happy New Year everyone and may all your flops be the nuts, and, you never get splashed by the river!