Free Rolls are they worth it?

One of the great innovations with online poker is the free rolls. Some people hate them, some people love them. The one thing you can say is that you can not ignore them. Betfair has one at the moment that has a grand prize of £1 million pounds. If you want more info then join up using the button on the righT hand side.

A lot of poker players hate free rolls as they see the worst behaviour that a player can have, which is even more worst than ‘full tilt’ – the ‘don’t care’ attitude. Since in free rolls you basically don’t pay to play. You will find the all in merchants going all in with 8-3 offsuit. You then usually have to play against 2000 players and win prize money that will propbably reach $0.25. I remember once playing for 4 hours for exactly $0.25! I then realised that my love life was in a mess….

Free roll as a dork fest is undoubted, however, they do have their role for a online poker player. A lot of players use them for tactics and strategy development. Some such as ,e use them for getting rid of aggression and yes ‘full tilt’ behaviour. you can build a bank roll but it is painstakingly slow and should not be an aim if you want a life, However, some free rolls can lead to riches of sorts but you do need to be lucky and you do need to avoid the early game crazy guys.