The 3rd Generation Online Poker Model

Sometime ago you probably remember me moaning about the very limited experience that online poker was giving me and others and I predicted that whoever came up with the 3rd generation in online poker experience will not only earn money but will greatly help those who want more fun in playing online poker

Well ladies and gentlemen, sharks and fishes, yours truly may have stumbled onto the next Shangri La or at least the next best thing to playing strip poker with the ‘Poker Tottys’. In fact ol’ Jack Reynard may have found his juices running and his libido getting harder than Gibraltar’s proverbial Rock.

If I was to say there was a chance to partake in the next generation of poker games before the rest of the world, the ability to experience the best online poker, play invitational MTT, SnG, or heads up poker and get the chance to win big, and, all you have to do is give feedback on the site whether you enjoyed the game and experience or not, what would a good honest poker player do, would they turn their noses up?

Well at least you cant say ol’ Jack Reynard didn’t give you the heads up that there is going to be a rumble in the poker jungle.

In the end WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!