Gemma Is Top Totty

Poker Totty Gemma

Poker Totty Gemma

It was a game that had it all. Tension, sublime bluff, drama and fun. It may not have been equal to the World Series of Poker but those who took part certainly enjoyed the game.

After a late start, the first casualty was poor Poker Totty Krystal who had major problems with her internet connection. She was obviously upset but still cheered her fellow Poker Totty’s when news came of their progress. She has promised to make sure that she sorts her internet connection in time.

Then came the late participant from Sahra who was busy with other things until she found out that somehow she had made it to the final table. When she finally got involved she was doing OK until her pair of Jacks ran into a pair of Kings held by non-other than Gemma. This resulted in Sahra being knocked out – very unlucky!

Gemma became chip leader for a good portion of the game and was doing really well however she ran into my Queen Jack while she had Queen Ten. This massively reduced her stack and eventually she finished fourth.

I finished third after being rivered while leading and Mark a fan of Poker Totty Gemma eventually finished the winner of the tournament and duly walked away with $50. Ruiz finished 2nd winning $30 and The Poker Knave (moi) finished 3rd picking up $20 for my efforts.

Gemma said ”…I was kicking your ass until the last minute 🙂 ,,,”! This is true and I will make a note that trying to bluff Gemma is not a good move. So untill the next game ‘..may your flops be the nuts and you never get splashed by the river..’.