Introducing Poker Totty Kimberley

Poker Totty Kimberley plays texas hold em

Poker Totty Kimberley

We announce a new Poker Totty! Kimberley Thomson is a welcome addition to the Poker Totty gang and she not only brings with her beauty, poker skills and intelligence but a range of music which yours truly has very little knowledge about! Say hello to Poker Totty Kimberley!

Do you play Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha?
Texas Hold ‘Em! I’ve yet to try Omaha.

What was your best win and your worst beat at poker?
I once won £200 in a pub poker tournament back home & I’ve yet to be defeated! Any challengers?

poker totty kimberley is a model, tv presenter, actress and wannabe omaha player

What is your daytime job?
Model, TV Presenter & Actress.

Could you tell us more about your TV presenting and acting?
As a TV Presenter – I’ve just become co-host for Flava TV (Sky channel 367) and I’m in talks to become the presenter of a TV gaming show also on Sky.

In regards to my acting… this is just taking off for me – I have had various supporting roles and was the body double for Rhona Mitra in the blockbuster Doomsday! I have just auditioned for the Channel 4 TV show Hollyoaks & I’m crossing my fingers for that. I have appeared in quite a few TV Commercials to date. I’m one to look out for.

How would you describe yourself physically?
Brunette, unique & slim but curvy!

Which designer do you admire?
Vivienne Westwood – her dresses are amazing! I also like independent urban designers and adding my own style to complete an outfit.

poker totty kimberley is on the right tracks for fame

When did you decide that modelling maybe a career for you?

I began modelling four years ago after volunteering as a hair model for a local salon gave me a taste for shows & photo shoots. After being published in Sugar Magazine at age fifteen as a model competition finalist out of thirteen thousand nationwide, I have enjoyed travelling the world modelling since & have been published many times. I love modelling but I like to show off my personality and intelligence too.

Who are your favourite models?
Adrianna Lima – she is beautiful, successful and doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, a true inspiration.

Do you also believe in abstinence?
I do believe in abstinence and I also promote it… Sex should be about love & I think it’s the most precious gift you could ever give your husband, but I am a born again virgin.

Poker Totty Kimberley is learning to play Omaha poker

What sort of music and artist do you like?
I like every kind of music, especially Hip Hop and R&B; I love UK Grime too! Big up to my friend Young O – check out his songs.

Sorry for my ignorance but could you tell me about Young O and why your a big fan?

Young O is a Grime artist from London, he is a cool guy & I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing him. You should check out his song “Wolves” on YouTube, this is my personal favourite of his songs. Young O is doing really well for himself and he deserves a lot of recognition. My favourite artist of all time, though, is T.I

Do you have any hobbies?
I love Ice skating – I used to compete when I was younger… I like to play badminton and eat out.

What is your favourite entertainment?
I like to watch comedy films for entertainment & I also love dancing.

Which cuisine do you prefer?
Mexican! Or Italian. Mmm!

If you had a choice would it be a Prada handbag or Jimmy Choo shoes?

Jimmy Choos! Although that’s a hard one as I’m obsessed with shoes & bags!!

Which city would you like to be in and why?

I’d love to be in New York because the opportunities over there are endless!!! Or Los Angeles again for the opportunities & the sun!

Got to pin you down which city New York or Los Angeles?

Let’s go with Los Angeles!

Kimberley Thompson is a good tournament poker player and a great looking Poker Totty