Introducing Poker Totty Patresha!

Poker Totty Patresha plays texas hold em
Poker Totty Patresha

Regular readers of the Poker Totty series have probably gathered that we like to showcase top women who do stuff! The sort of women who combine beauty and pleasure to run a focused business and party lifestyle.  It does help if they play poker because in our book nothing beats fun and winning money. So in the long honoured tradition we bring a hot Poker Totty and she is our first Antipodean representative Patresha. Welcome Poker Totty Patresha!

Do you play Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha?
Texas Hold ‘Em.

What were your biggest wins and your very bad beats?

:) Unfortunately I am usually the one with bad luck not fair I know so I can safely say all bad beats lol (Texas Hold ‘Em that is lol).

Portrait of Poker Totty Patresha is stunning at many things including poker

Portrait of Poker Totty Patresha

What is your daytime job?
My sole purpose at this point In time is to concentrate on my modelling but I also have my own Model Management and help other striving models find modelling jobs.

It must be difficult being both ‘poacher and game keeper’ in the modelling world?

Oh yeah most of the time I find a real good job and think ooooh that is a nice position but feel guilty and make sure I find the right person for it because even though I am a model I may not be right for the position anyway it is a tough world out there in the modelling industry.

How would you describe yourself physically?
Curvy Full figured woman, I have the curves in all the right places and I know I have the Bust to show off.

Which designers do you admire?
There are a lot to choose from but I love all the designers that create the line Guess and Gucci very demanding these days to submit quality work I admire their courage to bring out hotter designs even though there are many other new designers with brand new Ideas but they have been around for this long so god bless them.

When did you decide that modelling maybe a career for you?
I was a little girl I seen a commercial on television about a modelling agency and went from there and never looked back, there has been set backs along the way but nothing too big.

Poker Totty Patresha looking naughty, which could distract your mind from your poker game.

Poker Totty Patresha looking naughty.

What would your advice be to a model starting out today?
Be yourself, photographs must tell a story be true in photos do not be fake they can tell if your trying to hard just let it flow and you will do just fine always turn up to jobs 15 minutes early to ensure that you get there on time so you have a chance to meet the person first, if you do a shoot always take someone with you and tell people where you are going to make sure you are completely safe if in doubt trust your instincts they will take you far.

Who are your favourite models?
Adriana Lima she Is the sweetest and unique looking model with her
amazing Grey eyes and luscious Lashes and her voice Is divine but mostof all I love how she carries her self on the runway. There Is one other model I seem to show an Interest In her name Is Lucy Pinder I have been told for quite some time that I look like her I personally do not believe It but I have been admiring her beauty ever since.

What sort of music and artist do you like?

I love RnB but as an artist go I have two Idols a female (Mariah Carey) and male (John Bon Jovi).
Do you have any hobbies?

Do you have any hobbies?
Yes sure I do, I enjoy reading, writing, roller blading, but I do have an obsession lol The Sims 3 PC Game I cant get enough of It I also love drawing just another one of my many passions.

A sultry Poker Totty Patresha the austalian poker playing model

A sultry Poker Totty Patresha

Never understood the point of Sims, what is it about the game that you like?

:) It is highly addictive, the game as evolved from the simple graphics of the first Sims and then they allowed the Sims to show the stages of pregnancy in the second one now the third lot is out and you can make your Sims roam around like your normal life it is like you can be someone else in that little time and make a family or just simply flirt lol I know sounds silly but to some people they find it hard on a day to day basis to cope with everyday situations sometimes on the Sims they are forced to face them with out the anxiety that goes with it.

Do you think your artistic inclinations help your modelling work?
Yes and No you have to be careful not to be too artistic in modelling in some shoots and in others too artistic is not enough so it is a tough situation but you adapt that is what it is all about for example a form of modelling is promotional modelling you can not be artistic but then there is print modelling magazine work which causes you to be more artistic.

What Is your favourite entertainment?
I love Horrors and Thrillers I have been watching them since I was 5 years old and I am now 26 lol

Which cuisine do you prefer?
Spaghetti all the way xoxo :)

If you had a choice would it be a Prada handbag or a Jimmy shoes?

Prada of course, I used to have a Prada Bag until the Prada Logo got caught on a door while walking past It was quite embarrassing but sad day of my life as there was no return for my Prada bag lol

Which city would you like to be In and why?
To be honest I prefer to be right were I am… Melbourne in Australia but I have always wanted to see all over UK It would be the best place all history to gain all the right knowledge.

Poker Totty Patresha looking cute but dont be decieved she knows her way round a poker table

Poker Totty Patresha looking cute