Introducing Poker Totty Jo Jo

Poker Totty Jo Jo Shaw likes to play poker for fun

Poker Totty Jo Jo

Lovely Poker Totty Jo Jo Shaw is really the perfect girl next door! She likes to take her clothes off and play poker for fun which seems fine since if your her friend its would be constant strip poker – happy days! Welcome Poker Totty Jo Jo!

Full frontal of Poker Totty Jo Jo

Full frontal of Poker Totty Jo Jo

Do you play Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha?
Texas Hold em.

Do you play poker online or live?

Poker Totty Jo Jo in the bedroom

Poker Totty Jo Jo in the bedroom

What was your biggest win and worst beat?
I’ve not played for money before, only strip and I lost badly! You can guess the rest!

What is your daytime job?

How would you describe yourself physically?
Slim and curvy.

Which designer do you admire?
I don’t really go in for designer, I just wear what I like.

When did you decide that modelling maybe a career for you?
When I was about 18 and found I enjoyed being in front of the camera and being naked!

Did you feel comfortable with being photographed straight away?
Yes I loved it.

Who are your favourite models?
I like Elle Mcphereson, although she doesn’t model anymore.

What sort of music and artist do you like?
I like house music, but also Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Madonna, Arctic Monkeys.

Poker Totty Jo Jo with a whip

Poker Totty Jo Jo with a whip

Do you have any hobbies?
Horse riding.

Horse riding is popular with models why is that?

I’m not sure I’ve always been into it, the bond you have with your horse is amazing and its so exhilarating!

What is your favourite entertainment?
Going for a nice meal with friends.

Which cuisine do you prefer?


If you had a choice would it be a Prada handbag or a Jimmy Choo shoes?

Which city would you like to be in and why?
I’d like to be in London because I enjoy the vibrant life there and seeing all the sights.

Which London landmark would sum you up?
Sum me up? Probably London Dungeons, because I’m exciting, fun and a good laugh.

Poker Totty Jo Jo Shaw in deep contemplation and likes to play strip poker

Poker Totty Jo Jo in deep contemplation