Poker as Bingo!



Come on who hasn’t done it? you know what I mean played so reckless you might as well played bingo. Some times I really enjoy going into full tilt because you sometimes win and win I win I like to wind up my opponents by typing in the dialogue box BINGO!!!! or HOUSE!!!! just to emphasise mine or someone else’s extreme luck.

Inevitably it can go the other way and I get caught and get caught badly losing all my chips on the river, but hey that’s poker! The trick with bingo poker is to realise what you are doing and to get out of that mode pretty quickly. But I must admit if my lunatic behaviour is winding someone up or really upsetting their mind then I may just go all the way and continue on full tilt pausing every now and then to play normal.

Its great when the keyboard warriors start threatening violence and calling names. I love the perverse sense of power you get when you have brought someone down to your debased level.  You can imagine them screaming blue murder at the screen and slowly getting more and more twisted with rage.

Obviously there is a down side in fact it is a massive down side – losing your money. I dont care so much as losing face or being thought of as a idiot it’s losing money that hurts. Losing the one thing that represents the skill level you are at, the one thing that represents anything of value in your game hurts and hurts hard. So trying not to have a ‘Benny’ is the way to go.

Truth is those online poker sites rely on punters losing their heads and paying like a crazy person because it helps keep those who haven’t gone mad to stay on site. It has always intrigued my interest in conspiracy to wonder if poker sites did not have the odd bot to go and play like a guy in full tilt? Just a complete irrational thought on my behalf but you can see how it would make sense.

Another reason why bingo poker makes sense sometimes online is the very nature of being online you dont know who or what you are playing against. Therefore you lose the ability to see if someone called you had a tell on you. OK there are ways of ‘knowing’ what a person does by their betting patterns or their timing, bit in the end by playing irrationally you can mess up a bot quite easily.

So lets hear it for bingo poker a needed and essential side of online poker. 8 of diamonds and 4 of hearts ALL IN and BINGO I win! 🙂