Full Of Cheer

Still Hate Christmas

Still Hate Christmas

Why do you get grief at Christmas? The only good thing about Christmas is that you can excuse your drinking and playing online poker. The latest grief is waiting for a decision from a guy whose boss micro-manage him like a pimp manages a whore.  This guy, who’s boss shouts at him, has turned non decision making into an art form, the paralysis in the guys decision making is amazing. Which is no good when you need a decision and the decision maker has balls of marsh mellow. So in the spirit of Christmas I am going to re-print a text message I was sent by a friend which encompasses my feelings about Christmas and people who take the proverbial urine.

The yuletide is coming and my arse is getting fat,

I hate f*cking Christmas, Santa is a tw*t,

The credit crunch is on and times are really hard,

So you can consider this text your f*cking Christmas card.


Just to show my loathing is without boundary here is the video of Duracell battery. It is the most unappealing video I have seen in ages with the bunnies looking like flaking skin dropping of a leprosy victim. The advert is gross the person who thought it up must have thought he or she was designing a technological cute and sweet promo, when in fact it looks like a bad dream induced by LSD. Watch and feel sick…

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