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  • Being a mess, angry at the world for being corrupt and bloated with its own magnificent, has never been cooler. ,
  • Latest Video From Poker Totty Venus ,
  • My parents always used to sit and listen to Cliff Richard when I was younger. Instead of actually coming in my room and stopping him.,
  • I'll never forget giving Noel Gallagher his first guitar. He said "What's that knob at the front for?" I said, "It's Liam, he's the singer.",
  • Michael O'Leary is getting worried, since it was found there is more room crossing the Channel in a container than in one of Ryanair planes.,

More Poker Totty News part 2

Poker Totty Zoe

Poker Totty Zoe

The lovely Poker Totty Zoe Talbot has been very busy since September with her University and modelling career both taking off. all she can do is have more of the same in 2010 and we at pokerknave.com will be ollowing her progress with interest.

Poker Totty Patresha

Poker Totty Patresha

Poker Totty Patresha from Australia has had a busy year with being in ZOO Weekly Magazine (AU) 2 times in booby bank…
She has also been in a comp in ZOO Weekly (AU) Real girl comp but didn’t get into the finals.

She went on to say ”…now i am in ZOO Weekly (AU) Beach Babes Comp and i am currently on the
second page of girls so going good so far but if you want to vote for me you can here is the link
I am currently in the processes of getting my website up and running
http://www.patresha.com keep watching it to see when it is up
I am now a G-Unit Promoter and had a fun year…”

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