The Formula is Working!

Pair of Jacks

Pair of Jacks

I have devised a new way of playing those horrible hole cards pair of jacks. Now obviously a pair of jacks are better than a pair of Tens or a pair of Nines. But it seems like Jacks get cracked easier than Tens, Nines, Eights or even Sevens.

I may have selected view about it but it came to a point when I prefered to have a pair of Fours than have Jacks.

My method up until recently was to go all in and pray for a miracle that they stood up and I would win or even better in my view everyone folded.

However, I have recently decided that I needed to get to grips with this phenomena and sort out my psychotic obsession with Jacks and I have created a mathematical formula which seems to be working.

In my recent post ‘Trial of Knave’. I announced that I would put this formula to the test as all good scientist would do. Guess what it seems to be working. Oh yes my fear of playing Jacks is slowly seeping away. Now all I have to do is improve the rest of my game and I will win The World Series of Poker 2010.