Introducing Danielle A-B

Poker Totty Daniell Adams Benham is a hot looking poker professional who is going to be big in the world of online poker

Poker Totty Danielle A-B

New Poker Totty Danielle Adams-Benham is one of those women who is going places really fast. Hailing from Australia she is at the fore front of the next generation of online poker. Welcome Poker Totty Danielle A-B!

Poker Totty and poker professional Danielle Adams Benham in a red dress

Poker Totty Danielle A-B in a red dress

What is your favourite poker variation?
NL Texas Hold’ Em it gives more of a thrill then the other variants! Second Favourite would be Omaha Hi, closely followed by stud and razz – Heck all variants are my favourites, I am poker mad! I am best at the game of NL Hold’ Em though.

What has been your biggest wins and losses?

My biggest losses were at the start of my poker career. I learnt the hard way losing in excess of $1200 pretty much instantly! My biggest win in poker would be around $600 in an hour. Mostly I am a cash player so I don’t have BIG tourney wins really. I do often win Sit N Go’s at about $70-$110 per win. My best tourney result is 38/8985 in Omaha.

I have an irrational fear of jacks in the hole so I have devised a
formula to help me play it is P =( 1/3S – C)/R, where P is the pot, S is the stack, R is the raise and C is the seating arrangement and position of play. What do you think?

You must have read some posts I have made! Ask anyone that knows me, I have the same irrational fear. But is it irrational? I haven’t come across anyone who likes pocket jacks. As for your formula how do you take C away from 1/3 of the stack? Sorry Poker Knave I don’t get your formula! Please advise how you come up with a figure for C. In addition I can’t ever remember seeing a formula for playing in particular a certain hand. Maybe I haven’t looked close enough? Maybe you’re the first to develop one?

C is the the number of seats from the button.

Whatever works I guess!

What is your daytime job?
I am a columnist at Australian Poker Weekly, co-host and the Director PR of Cybertech an online gaming software development company. You could say that poker is my day job (laughs out loud).

Poker Totty Danielle A-B the card player shows the starting hand that she used when she bluffed a big pot - it was Jack Ten suited.

Poker Totty Danielle Adam Benham the card player

You have a great lifestyle, what tips would you give to other Poker Tottys?
Learn; read, follow, record and never for a second think you can’t do it! Participation in forums and having input from other players helps with your games as does practice and always working out where you went wrong so you don’t make the same mistake again.

Most importantly play to your bankroll. Drop lower if you have to and go higher when your roll permits it. Alike with anything in life, if poker is your dream you can do it! Never, ever, ever give up! Although my primary work is not that of a poker player being in the poker industry takes stamina and guts, if you have these and want to move into this industry as more then just a casual player your 1/2 way there.

How would you describe yourself physically?
168cm, thin and in good shape. I lack a little in the top area though (more laughter).

Which designer to you admire?

I admire them all, for without them all there wouldn’t be much of a variance in designs. They all do a great job to ensure we have a non stop flow of new fashion. My wardrobe is a mix and match of everything and anything that I take a fancy to.

Have you ever thought about modelling?
I modelled briefly with Elite International Modelling agency as a teen. I also had quite a few shots taken for undercover wear. I would much rather play poker now then model. Modelling makes me nervous and agitated!

Poker Totty Danielle Adam Benham in black stripes getting ready to play some online poker and do some podcasting.

Danielle A-B in black stripes

Who are your favourite models?
Elle McPherson, Jennifer Hawkins – Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!

What sort of music do you like?
Pretty much everything BUT I really love my Aussie rock, AC/DC in particular also the likes of Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd, Guns and Roses, Metallica. You get the hint I think, my house is a rather loud one.

Do you have any hobbies?

Gemmology and fossicking are my hobbies beyond poker. I love beautiful gems and crystals. I love the unique find and I love that they always shine beautifully and colourfully and never die. They can remain on my unit forever (unlike flowers). The trekking that comes with fossicking I love also.

Could you explain more about ‘fossicking’?
Fossicking is kind of like poker. It’s getting the gold as such!
Looking in the correct locations, and digging or panning/sieving to
obtain the crystal/gem/mineral that you are after. It takes a lot of
walking and if your lucky enough you may find a highly sought after
gem such as a diamond, sapphire or topaz etc. Most people fossick for
precious gems such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. I
generally fossick for semi precious ones such as garnets which are my
birth stone, or agate which is not too often seen in jewellery. Most
times, I come home with nothing but it is always worth the trip.

Portrait of Poker Totty Danielle Adam Benham like to go fossicking

Portrait of Poker Totty Danielle A-B

What is your favourite entertainment?
Besides my hobbies and playing poker – cocktail parties with friends. Friends are the best entertainment anyone could ever have. If they are on the other side of the world – no issues! I can video Skype and join in the party anyway! Technology does amazing things for even gatherings J

Which cuisine do you like?
Italian and Chinese are my most liked cuisine. I also love Aussie BBQ’s – they are laid back and have a variety of meats, salads and pastas for me to pig out on.

If you had a choice would it be a Prada handbag or a Jimmy Choo shoes?
Hard Choice! My bag and shoe collection is pretty equal. I would probably choose the Jimmy Choo shoes as I am continually wrecking shoes dancing, walking the casinos and walking poker tournament floors as a reporter. That’s of course if they were my size!

Which city would you like to be in and why?

I would choose Sydney Australia without a doubt! As the song goes “I’ve been to cities that never close down from New York to Rio and old London town – but no matter how far or how wide I roam I still call Australia home!” Sydney is a brilliant City!

I presume in the next few days you will be off to Melbourne for the
Aussie Millions, does the animosity between Sydney and Melbourne still

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that to date Melbourne has the best
poker room and Sydney is the brightest and most well known Sydney. I
don’t know there is animosity now as such but knowledge and
improvements for both cities in both areas. As Melbourne spends
millions in upgrades to different parts of the City, Sydney spends it
on their casino. Always people will ask what city is best though. That
will never change!

Poker Totty Danielle Adam Benham in thoughtful mood about poker and fossicking

Poker Totty Danielle in thoughtful mood