Poker Patience

Try Some Patience...

Try Some Patience...

Been playing very badly lately. My lack of patience which is normal, has now gone into overdrive giving my opponents ample opportunity to take advantage and gain my chips with little effort. The crazy thing about it is that I know I am doing this.

What is the cure for this silly attitude? I have tried creating plagiarized videos, tried tweeting, tried drinking and tried music/television/newspapers. The only thing I have not tried is a holiday. Maybe that is the answer because everything else is not working.

Online poker can be very rewarding, however, when things go bad they can avalanche and become a¬†depression. Maybe I should try one of Oprah Winfrey’s self help, new age remedy The Secret?

So here goes, I am going to work on myself and therefore my poker playing skills by immersing myself into The Secret – wish me good luck.

‘I surrender all, I surrender all…’

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