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The Next Poker Superstar.

The next poker superstar

The next poker superstar

A UK group of poker playing businessmen plan to take on the big boys and win by creating the UK’s first professional poker stable. For this aim they have joined forces with Pokerknave.com.

The ultimate aim is to help create the next superstar poker players online and live.

How it works

Put simply we stake poker players in return for a share of any winnings.

Beyond staking we also providing coaching, performance training and media management to ensure maximum profits for both The Card Stable and our players.

2010 Goals

Final Table Finish at the WSOP
Final Table Finish at the WCOOP
Final Table FInish at the ECOOP
100 MTT Event Wins
At least one player in Online Top 100 Players
10 players in the Online Top 1000 Players

If you have been winning on a regular basis at the lower limits on poker websites and wish to move up a league on a risk free basis then we want to talk to you. All correspondence will be confidential on both side.

Please contact us and tell us your story, your usual game, stakes and the poker site that you usually play on.

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