Bad €ss

Bad Ass Poker Player

Bad Ass Poker Player

I like my reputation as a bad ass poker player who will go all in with 8-5 off suit! It gets me into trouble and occasionaly get my bad self kicked out of a tournament or two.

I have noticed my self getting well uptight trying to grind out a winning position in tournaments and the fact that I have not won one this year shows that something is fundamentally wrong with my game and its all in the head.

I find that I play well in Sit and go’s, relatively OK in online cash games but awful in guaranteed prize games. I seem to get bored and forget that I have to stay as long as possible. I tend to get roped in when I should be sitting on the sidelines picking of pots here and there. Instead I go after pots – which is not good.

I have even found myself indulging in convesation with online poker nnerds. The conversation goes like this. I should play poker as a text book player, but, it has been more profitable for me to play randomly. The reason being it screws up the head of my opponent/s.

My formula for playing Jacks, is working just fine and dandy. The formula P =( 1/3S – C)/R, is a mathematical formula , where P is the pot, S is the stack, R is the raise and C is the seating arrangement and position of play.

So if you have nothing to do on the 11th of April 8pm GMT why not try my formula and see how much  your game will improve. The Grand National Pokerknave €50 Freeroll, is a great place to try your hand.