The Art of Collusion

Collusion and cheating are both rife in online poker and politics

Collusion and cheating are both rife in poker and politics

Collusion is an agreement, usually secretive, which occurs between two or more persons to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair advantage[citation needed]. It is an agreement among firms to divide the market, set prices, or limit production. [1] It can involve “wage fixing, kickbacks, or misrepresenting the independence of the relationship between the colluding parties.”[2] All acts affected by collusion are considered void.[3]


With online poker the act of collusion is so easy that it is an unwritten rule that it happens and happens regularly.

Everything from colluding with an opponent to gain a disconnected player’s chips, right up players phoning each other and discussing the merits of each others hands.  Online poker have so many blatant holes in the security of the game you do have to factor in the act of collusion when playing poker online.

Sometimes players will check down a pot when they see their friends are in the pot but have a soft hand and they may fold if there is a raise or it can be as big as drug dealers laundering money by taking over a cash table and let one person win thereby legitimising the cash.

As in politics and poker collusion is rife and yesterday the culmination of political collusion reached its zenith when Ken Clarke openly admitted that the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats could work together in a ‘hung parliament’ – a parliament with no overall majority.

This is political dynamite because for the first time a major Conservative figure admitted that David Cameron has not won and cannot win the general election! So Peter Mandelson hope to realign a pro European centrist political movement may finally come into being.

The reason why the Conservatives have lost this election – and it is a major assumption I am making here since voting is still 2 weeks away – is that the general public want ‘change’ but do not  trust David Cameron to bring the ’change’ that they want. Maybe it is David Cameron and his chums background  that scare the general public. George Osborn the man who would be David Cameron money man has never had a real job not even a job as a paper boy!

The only Conservative person that the public feel in touch with is the jazz loving, cigar smoking, council estate born  Ken Clarke. The only problem is he is hated by his own party because he wants the UK to be more integrated into the European Union.

So here is the act of collusion between the players of this political poker game. Gordon Brown could not win and he knew it! He hates David Cameron with a passion because David Camerons team makes continuous attacks at Gordon Browns class.  Therefore he will do anything to make sure David Cameron does not win – enter Nick Clegg and Peter Mandelson.

Gordon Brown made over the top approaches to Nick Clegg live on TV.  Nick Clegg with the oxygen of publicity makes the pitch to be the ‘agent of change’ the public love it! David Cameron unleashes the dogs of war (right wing newspapers) at Nick Clegg, which does not work. Peter Mandelson continues to keep Prime Minister profile low.  All of a sudden the argument for coalition government becomes a pretty standard debate, enter Ken Clarke who once shared a platform with Tony Blair and other pro European leaders including Peter Mandelson.

So there you have it a nice little stitch up by the centre pro European politicos. If this was a poker tournament there would be complaints inquiry and bans all round, but, this is politics. The reason why Gordon Brown went with it was due to the fact that it gives him the only chance to remain Prime Minister and brought revenge on a class conscious campaign by David Cameron and his cohorts. Why David Cameron kept George Osborn as potential Chancellor of the Exchequer no one will ever know especially when it has now cost him the election. Peter Mandelson (Labour) and Ken Clarke (Conservative) have played a blinder in getting Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) to the position of  being king maker. Collusion, what collusion?

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