The Magical Tipster Smashes The Opposition

Love Is In The Air For The Magical Tipster

Love Is In The Air For The Magical Tipster

The legend that is The Magical Tipster had been damaged after 2010 World Cup competition in South Africa. There was open talk that he had lost his way and the ability to see things that others had missed or the markets had got wrong, had been loosen by some rash decisions such as laying Spain.  

Well all that has been washed away by a tidal wave of monster betting punts with prices which took the bookies by surprise and made his loyal punters extremely happy and more than looking forward to 2012. Who would have thought that The Magical Tipster would re-vitalise his winning ways in such spectacular fashion?

2012 had began very badly, a whole ream of work had disappeared by the in-excusable unprofessional behaviour of a coder who got their knickers in a twist which led to the lose of two years of data and put the project back. Throughout this time the only thing that looked positive on the horizon was that the world of betting would have some great markets to invest in with the Olympics and Euro football all in the pipeline.

Then out of the blue came Monkey Bet! Monkey Bet is an interesting concept and made a challenge to The Magical Tipster to see if Monkey Bet could supplant The Magical Tipster as the numero uno tipster on Very audacious and well timed coup. 

The Monkey Bet started out brilliantly when he got the winner of Celebrity Big Brother right and at some really fancy prices to boot. Reality TV was always a forte of The Magical Tipster so this move by Monkey Bet was a real shot across the bows. Some of his other bets were a bit ropey, but then came Cheltenham Festival 2012 where the real fun would start.

On top of this challenge came another one from a newby called ‘Villan’. Villan made his claim to be the top boy on the network and came with some good credentials so there were two challenges for the crown. 

The pressure was on and The Magical Tipster did his thing.

Rock On Ruby 11/1 on Tuesday

Nothing on Wednesday

Cape Tribulation 14/1 and Big Bucks 5/6 on Thursday

Brindisi Breeze 7/1, Attaglance 20/1 and Bellvano 20/1 on Friday.

Those prices on Friday created a 3527/1 treble which sealed the competition emphatically in favour of The Magical Tipster. A £10 on each selection made by The Magical Tipster, would have cost £290, but, would have brought in £770 making it a 265% return on investment. 

It is safe to say with those results that the The Magical Tipster has retained his crown…for now!