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Satanic Bear Is The Latest Challenger To The Magical Tipster

YouTube Preview Image

After a very exciting betting competition in which Monkey Bet did OK, but, was blown away by a very inspired Cheltenham Festival by The Magical Tipster (in one day he produced a 7/1, 20/1 and another 20/1 which worked out as a 3527/1 treble, as well as coming up with 11/1, 5/6, 14/1 winners to reinforce his superiority).

So the Satanic Bear who is known more for a rather cynical view on lifes little joys, has desire to make a name for himself and take down MT. Satanic Bear’s track record is pretty sketchy so no opinion can be formed as to the likelyhood of his predictions coming good. This should be interesting!

Here is Satanic Bear’s tips for The Grand National at Aintree on 14th April 2012.

State Of Play.

If anyone wants to take on or even provide some tips for the readers and bettors please feel free to join in. 


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