Shining A Light On Human Actions

Camera to see poker hands

P.O.V Camera for Poker

There is announcement that the UK government is going to allow cameras into courts to witness the sentencing or otherwise of individuals. This has been happening in Scotland and now will be spread country wide to the other regions of the United Kingdom.

Seeing what is happening in Norway with the Anders Breivik trial, it will undoubtedly lead to people showing off. In some cases it will be the accused and in others it will be the briefs or others wishing to take advantage of the cameras to promote a cause or situation. This is the price of shining a light on humanity and what they find morally objectionable.

To segue into poker may not seem acceptable, but, there is a link since the modern poker popularity came about when cameras were allowed to see the hole cards of those participating. Therefore, giving an insight into the mind of the player.

Since poker is a game of psychology it was a controversial decision because letting people see how you play a hand is giving them information which poker players rate as the most valuable part of a poker players game. Obviously players would make moves that was outside of their normal playing style to confuse the information going out but in the last World Series of Poker was a watershed in that the knowledge of the hands was available to the audience a few minutes after the hand was played.

As in trials letting the public know on television the blow by blow interaction between adversaries will lead to a better informed public but as was seen in the OJ Simpson trial different people can see different things even though the facts remain the same. In poker the ultimate judge will the amount of chips that a person has. It is the only judge and each player has to adjust their game to match this fact.