Villan Takes Down The Magical Tipster

Aston Villa

Aston Villa

 New kid on the block made a move on a reluctant Magical Tipster and took the old man down. Villan a renegade sports trader goaded The Magical Tipster into another tipster challenge. At first The Magical Tipster was not entirely au fait with the challenge because preparation was not down and being the fag end of a very interesting but controversial national hunt season results tend to be hard to find. 

However, after much persuassion by the editorial board (we loved the winners that we have had this year) The Magical Tipster took up the challenge and produced a list of potential winners. The fact that non of his choices won while Villan managed to find two winners at nice prices (Merigo 15/2, Cucumber Run 10/1) clearly showed that Villan was right in goading The Magical Tipster. Maybe Villan had some inside information on one horse in particular which gave him the confidence to make a very adventurous choice in Cucumber Run….who knows clearly Villan won’t be telling.

The Magical Tips did cry foul for a while because he was forced to choose two and not his regular three in a big handicap such as The Scottish Grand National. The Magical Tipster choose not to include Merigo in his selection and went for Any Currency, obviously a very bad move as Merigo showed his class to win the race for the second year running. This dispute was put to rest when Cucumber Run ran on strongly to win it’s race.

There will be more challenges to come and it is safe to say that the punters will be glad as between them there have been some great winners at fantastic prices. 

While following the swings and roundabouts of horse race betting it was over looked that there has been some unfortunate anniversary to be celebrated if that is the word. It was roughly this time last year that Black Friday happened shaking the world of poker to its foundations. It made poker players in the US into reluctant criminals for doing what there country stands for….capitalism and the right to do whatever you want including giving your money away to online poker bots. 

I jest up to a point since if the US government made online poker legal it would change the way the game is played and knowing how thoroughly regulators in the US operate, would increase the safety and integrity of online poker. I will come back to this issue for a full and well rounded punters view of Black Friday and it’s implications.