Bank Holiday Means Rain

Helping Out A Cheerleader

This Bank Holiday do not get a barbecue as the weather looks like it is going to pour down and the chill factor is going to be unbearable.

Typical of this spring in the UK that the weather is shall we say ‘mixed’.

When foreigners say that the British are obsessed with the weather, they are basically correct. The British are still buttoned up and reserved. Talking about the weather is a way of starting a conversation with a stranger and it is a way of breaking up a lull in normal social intercourse.

Therefore the best thing to do is to play some online poker and crack open a couple of beers. If you like to dabble on the horses well you can do worst than checking out the renewed battle between Villan and The Magical Tipster. 

Yesterday both tipsters backed two winners. Both picked Noble Mission, but although Villan picked Camelot (15/8), The Magical Tipster picked Rewarded (100/30) in the last race. Surprisingly, Villan did not have a pick in the last race…! In a spirit of cheekiness The Magical Tipster has waived the win and now looking to impress with his tips to blow away the upstart Villan. This should be good.

The Magical Tipster:

2:05 Bridle Belle

2:35 Timepiece

3:15 Mashoora

3:50 Waffle

4:25 Mysterial

5:00 Salford Art

5:35 Jupiter Storm


2:05 Franciscan

2:35 Timepiece

3:15 Maybe

3:50 Victorian Bounty

4:25 Goldhunter

5:00 Lacily

5:35 Good Of Luck