Service Charge In Poker

The Winnings

It is surprising that people feel the need to complain when they are charged for playing poker. These individuals are so miserable that they will moan that 10% of the entry fee goes to the house for operating the game. Amazingly these people will get support from retards who get convinced that a poker game should be run for free.

With restaurants and other service environments, the arguments against automatic service charge is a reasonable one as it should be up to the customer to say whether the service warrants an extra payment. To automatically include it into the price of the meal is a bit of a liberty. The establishments are basically rating their own service which is equivalent to a self assessment exercise and therefore not reliable.

In poker there is nothing purchased for profit that goes to the operator, therefore why should they provide a service for charity? So it is reasonable for a operator to make a charge so that he or she can cover their cost. So the next time you are in a game and someone makes a charge for a game of poker do not moan, organise your own poker game for free and see how long you last with the inconvenience of listening to moaning punters and ungrateful patrons of your house/pub/casino.

The service charge or rake covers many sins and sometimes the rake can be over bearing but if that happens and you feel you are being over charge then find another poker game.  Service charge or rake is very important and needs to be accepted.