We Need Poker Punks

Poker punks have always been with us

Poker punks have always been with us

Shady characters who hang around and hustle, bustle, ‘grab a penny here and grab a penny there’ merchants have always been with us proper poker players. These lower order of the evolved poker species have bad table manners and do not know they have bad table manner. They should be put out of there misery, but we need them in the game.

We need them in the game because they make up the numbers. Very rarely do they win but without their financial input the tournament game would be less attractive. These type of people are by their nature fishy but they are also rude and liable to cheat, moan and groan, talk absolute bollocks  and worst of all constantly splash the pot with their overly aggressive play.

They constantly chat about themselves and assume that poker is about winning by bluffing. The idea of using maths and other   objective medium to play the game seems wrong to poker punks, because it is all about emotional out pourings’s from our low life hero’s.

So if people look at you with disdain and horror. They treat you like a naughty school child and see to have little or no interest into your fascinating lifestyle., maybe they see you as a poker punk!