First Grumps, Now Gupta!

First we have Grumps a pretender to all men and now Gupta who promises to be a fountain of knowledge and the scourge of the stupid. He intends to regale us with truths and insight that the CIA, MI5 and other such organisations such as bookmakers would sell the grandmother to get. He promises us to give it away for free!

Why would anyone give such valuable information for free is beyond me, but, you have to give the guy a chance and let him do his stuff and we will see what happens.

Part of my scepticism is that we get inundated with spam accounts with people trying to sell bed linen, sports ware, sun glasses etc. Very rarely do you get people selling poker stuff which sometimes makes me laugh since we bas the site on poker but there you go. So if Gupta The Hustler is as true as the email he sent me then his account wont get deleted like the other stupid spam accounts.

While we are on the subject of spam, I had the best spam fritter ever the other day and the reason was the batter which was made from Barnsley Bitter a nice beer which does not get the recognition it deserves. Thanks to the crew that made it for us at the poker game in The Station Hotel. Your secret is safe with me.