The Obama Syndrome

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

Being a UK citizen, a poker player, a gambler and a wannabe lothario, I really should not be interested in the health of people who are not related to me or friendly with me. But I am a political anorak, junkie and addict. I love nothing more than reading some book on a political ne’er do well from history. People such as George Wallace or Catherine The Great. People that did strange things in the belief that they were doing the best for their people/constituency.

So when the most powerful country in the World, which has a policy of conflict with Muslims orientated countries, to make them more democratic and less beastly to women (ie Iraq and Afghanistan) suddenly turns around and elects a mixed-ethnically young man with the name of Barack Obama as it’s president, then present politics seem more romantic and extremely interesting.

Clearly with the rather mixed heritage of the US, it’s ability to shot it’s own leaders and a country awash with cash, you just know there is going to be fireworks, and, boy did we get it and are still getting it.

The fact that Obama has more protection than some countries has armed soldiers, to protect him from his own people, is a reflection that the bulwark of democracy understands that there are elements within the country that are not rational and therefore it is better to be safe than sorry.

So with all this in the mix, it was a combination of surreal luck and political skill that led Barack Obama to be the most powerful man in the World and probably the most transformative politician for over 50 years. How this came about will be written about and debated for centuries but let me give you my opinion.

If it was not for the hotness of Seven of Nine or Jeri Ryan and the sheer lunacy of her husband letting her use the fact that he liked outdoor blow jobs as a reason for divorce then things may have been different. It certainly helped Obama to get his Senate seat. 

Then came the Iowa primary which launched Obama to the nation as a man who could challenge the Clinton political dynasty.

Then came the 2008 meltdown of the banks called  Lehman’s Day which led to John McCain to lose his mind and act like a deranged old man not knowing what to do in a crisis.

Then came Mitt Romney and the ‘47%’ tape which laid clear that he was not trust worthy and a snob proved the old adage that it is better to be lucky than clever.

This leads to what I call the Obama Syndrome. The Obama Syndrome manifested it’s self after all these events. After Jack Ryan dropped out of the Senate race a man called Alan Keyes became the GOP candidate. He was drafted in and then he went into meltdown believing he had a mission from god, wanting to stop homosexuality and help the descendent of slaves to get a bye from paying tax to make up for the evil that was the US slave trade.  

Then Hilary Clinton started the whole idea that Obama was not a US citizen which led to the whole ‘birther’ nonsense.

Then the most right wing administration effectively nationalised the banking system putting George W Bush on the same plane as Lenin. This led to the most damaging political slogan ever ”privatising the profits and socialising the losses”  which rang out after Lehman’s Day.  Finally, the forcing of Mitt Romney to claim that he did not want to let Detroit go bankrupt when he clearly wrote an op-ed which said he did.

All the time this gets to low information witnesses, who were probably racist to exhibit strange behaviour. These people would go into fits of rage and jubilation when anything negative about Obama came out whether it was true or false. I witness one guy on TV who was British but was a big supporter of Romney literally shake with excitement after the first Romney-Obama debate thinking Romney was going to win the 2012 election. 

If you went go to Fox News channel and see some of the characters they had like Glenn Beck constantly predicted Armageddon every time Obama’s name was mentioned. Finally the classic sight of Karl Rove losing it live on TV when he realised that Obama had won Ohio therefore giving him the second term he wanted and Karl Rove had spent $400 million to deny him a second term was a perfect example of The Obama Syndrome. When it was finally put to him that the facts proved he was going to win the 2012 president election Karl Rove still tried to deny it was happening. It was as if he put his fingers into his ears and went ”LA LA  LA LA….” hoping it would all go away!

The moment that really hit me that this syndrome was real was when I wrote an opinion on a message board saying that all those Romney supporters spamming message boards that the polls were wrong or fixed and that Romney was on the road to a massive win should go to the bookies and pile on the 2/1 on a Romney win. One troll came back and said that Romney’s odds were not 2/1! I posted the link to the various bookies showing this and still he would not accept that the odds were that good for what is essentially a two horse race.

Obviously the reason they were that good was that the polls were right and the Romney supporters were in denial or just total zonked out that they believed any old rubbish that was fed to them without ever wanting to check if it was true or not. If a rational person who believed in what they were saying knew that the polls were fixed then they could have been in betting heaven. The price of Romney went out to 5/1 before polls shut. How often could you make 6 times your money in 12 hours if you were right?

As I am writing this post I am still waiting to see the outcome of the Florida elections were the votes are still being counted. The reason for this was that part of the Obama Syndrome was to stop people voting. Rick Scott and other Republican operatives/Governors  blatantly went out of their way to steal the elections by stopping people voting in areas which were seen as Obama districts! It was blatant and scary that even in the highest levels of government people were willing and able to be so corrupt and frankly evil.

The Obama Syndrome is real and needs to be treated. There are people out there that need help. How you get them to seek help is another story but in this World thank god there were enough people who did not let these people get away with being this crazy.