Steve Jobs As A Poker Player

Steve jobs were one of the most talented people around the world in the recent world. But on 5th October 2011 he passed away. Actually he was not a poker player on board but he taught us the poker as a game. Without Steve jobs poker may remain only in Vegas or in a smoked filled casino. Today the most of the upgraded computer which we use is the gift of Steve and for this we can play the poker through online.

What is poker:

poker is a card game. The game is nothing but a gambling, one should bid money without seeing the card of their opponents. At last the highest powerful card owner will own the money. Overall the game is totally based on luck and courage. Without having the courage no one can win the game.

Who is Steve jobs:

I think most of the people in the world are known about the Apple Company and the product of apple. Most of the people are crazy for having an iPhone or iPod made by apple but many of us don’t know about Steve jobs. He is mainly known as the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Company. For his great contribution now we can use the most upgraded versions of computer or mobile. And we can listen to music anywhere we go.

Steve jobs as a poker player:

Steve jobs were not a real poker player but he played the poker with the chipset of computer and with the mobile phone. He made the computer small and upgrades the system of the computer. He also upgraded the mobile phones and made it smaller and faster day by day. He played the poker with the public choice and wins the game like a hero.

He knew we wanted to do stuff and wanted to do it in pretty small equipment and he made the stuff just like playing the poker. He dint know that whether the people may like it or not. He may face a huge loss making the stuff. But luck favors the winners. Just like the poker without knowing the cards of opposite player he bids with his luck and won the pot.

For Steve jobs now we can play the poker on our little computer or in our mobile just living in our bedroom. He introduced the game to the world. At last it can be said that he was a perfect poker player.