New Year’s Eve Taste

New Year's Eve DJ

If only my NYE party was a hot as this DJ featured in the picture I would be very happy. But alas it will be very ‘cultured’ and ‘earnest. Yes the alcohol will be flowing but i dont think there will be loads of loss women about. I suppose it is a product of getting older when pensions replaces speed bombs and latte’s replaces breakfast clubs.

Tonight I am determined to stay up till late, very late, without the use of artificial stimulants. Coffee will be the drug of choice, laced with whiskey. I am one of those weird people who can function quite well on whiskey the day after the night before maybe a bit ropey but for those 12 hours I function like a loaded but controlled lush. 

Doing ‘culture’ is my new obsession. I like the sedate nature of talking bollocks and having people willing to listen to you because it is the polite thing to do. The only problem with doing culture is that you have to reciprocate the behaviour and sometimes you do end up with a bore who dosen’t know when to shut up.

Obviously the topic of the day will be New Year;s Resolution and smoking will be my mine. I really want to pack in smoking but I love the playing with a cigarette. Maybe I will go onto cigars as you can play with it without actually lighting it. Anyway enough of my confessions and enjoy your night!

Rehab – Amy Winehouse

Diana Ross – Love Hangover

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