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Rafa Benitez

Rafa Benitez

Not been doing well on the old poker tables – both live and online, however, for some strange reason I have been getting the results on football and other bets that I usually do bad on! This is crazy but happily for me just the sort of thing I need to keep my head above the water line.

The problem with my poker playing is that I am following a routine, which gives the game away when playing online and when I am playing live because I got caught out trying some outrageous bluffs my opponents are no longer scared of calling my hand even though I maybe very strong in terms of betting the odds.

This as well as me having that horrible of situations ,when you are clearly on a down swing, is not good. 

The long term bet I have with a friend on the football is a £100 bet that Rafa Benitez will not last the season (2012/13) with Chelsea and after his glorious meltdown in which he attacked the Chelsea supporters and the management looks to be coming to pass. Yes I was mad in having even money on Rafa Benitez not lasting the season but when the supporters were for ever clapping for Roberto di Matteo on the 16th minute of a game (number 16 was Roberto di Matteo shirt number when at Chelsea) I knew that Benitez would get the proverbial hump sooner or later.

It was obvious that the Chelsea owner was using Rafa Benitez as cover for the deplorable way that they sacked Roberto di Matteo and Roman Abramovich is a shrewd manipulator when it comes to playing one side of against another. Roman Abramovich wanted Josep “Pep” Guardiola, but Josep “Pep” Guardiola is not a silly man looking to make a name for himself, hence Benitez got the job as ”Interim” Manager.

How the mighty have fallen when a European Cup winning manager is now being classed as a caretaker! Thank you Rafa for getting me £100.

Rafael Benitez Full Interview Rant About Chelsea Fans & Board

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