By George, I Think She’s Got It!


I have been teaching my friend’s cousin Texas hold ’em and was not getting anywhere. She did not understand the big blinds, little blinds concept and thought it was unfair! She betted out of turn and decided to try and bluff four people by constantly re-raising any bet that came her way. 

To say I was at my wits end would be an understatement. But then in a flash of brilliance she played a blinder by flat calling a pair of nines when small blind and when nine, ace, nine came out she re-raised a player that had obvious full house aces over nines after checking her four of a kind.

At that moment I felt like Professor Higgins from George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion to her Eliza Doolittle when she turned over the quads to take a very fat pot and knocking out a very upset bloke. What made it more enjoyable she then went on to play like the usual novice and ended up knocking me out (she had a straight to my trip 6’s) and winning the pub tournament.

Pygmalion is basically a story about how a sculpture artist fell in love with the art work he created. I didn’t fall in love with the girl, but fell in love as a father would to a very clever daughter who had just graduated.

By George I think she’s got it….

My Fair Lady – The Rain In Spain

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