Being Re-Raised In A Re-Buy

Pair of Nines

My hatred of Re-buying tournament still remain in tact even though I finished in the money the other day. It is clearly great for the poker sites but for me the never ending chance to get sucked into a revenge/vengeance game with a number of players or even worst surrounded by players who want to ‘take you out’ of the game because of some outrageous fishy move I pulled.

With freeze out at least you have the chance to go away and re-think your tactics before you enter another game. With re-buys you’re always tempted to try another hand. 

The thing about re-buy is that it is open to complete illogical behaviour and when normally tight players start acting illogical it can only mean trouble. In the game I just had usually if you are sitting on a middling pair in early position and you raise and then get re-raised twice by tight players in late position you usually have a think before getting involved in a showdown. It makes sense not to get involved because they are both saying they have you beat.

So what did I do, I naturally went ”all-in” and got up to make a cup of coffee on my new Oster Prima coffee machine which I was dying to test out since I brought it, because I already surmised that I was out of the tournament. What happen next completely blew my mind. The two re-raisers folded? Why did they folded, I really do not know? Maybe they thought I was trying a double bluff and was sitting on a pair of aces or kings and they were over representing their hand…maybe. Anyway I was still in the game.

Within 10 minutes after drinking my coffee which had bits of Galaxy chocolate mixed in, I again had a pair of nines. I raised but this time only one person re-raised. Again in early position I went all in but this time I was called and he/she turned over a pair of tens. Here comes the flop, happy days I get a nine giving me trips which eventually held out and gave me a lovely stack which I could use to last out the game. 

The thing about re-buys and being re-raised is that you are usually beaten and that you end up fattening up a pot for some lucky bugger to walk away with a nice earner for being lucky. I never seem to get that luck, until now.


Now that Vicky Pryce has been convicted of perjury alongside her former husband Chris Huhne, I will bet that she gets a longer sentence than Chrish Huhne because Chris Huhne admitted the offence as the trial started where as Vicky Pryce was found guilty after saying that she was coerced into lying. The jury did not believe her.

Check out this video and she if she sounds like a woman that could be coerced?

Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce, argue in which she tries to get him to admit his guilt.

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