The E.U Referendum And Benghazi

Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon

Guilt is a terrible thing and will always come back to take charge if not resolved. So at the moment in the UK after the funeral of Baroness Thatcher the Tory party are about to fully visualise what they think Margaret Thatcher want – an exit out of the European Union! 

Meanwhile over in the USA the right wing are going through their usual hunt for a Democratic scandal which will eclipse the Watergate and Iran-Contra scandal. At the moment they have Benghazi and are looking to make a noise over the death of four diplomats and whether politicians tried to minimise the terror attack.  When President Clinton was in office it was Whitewater, China and Lewinski so here is to the usual hyperbole which when it finally settles will never eclipse Watergate or Iran-Contra. I could be wrong however!

The guilt that the right wing feel is always more powerful than left wing guilt. The left wing are always trying to help people out of bad situations. The right wing aim to exploit bad situations so when it does go wrong there is more to feel guilty about, for the right winger. 

There has been numerous situation in which left wing politicians get caught up in sex scandals yet they never really stick. However, when the right wing get in sex scandals it just seem so much more tacky and yucky because they are always going on about the lesser classes of humans have no morals therefore they should be denounced and denigrated. Obviously they thinking behind the right wing agenda is to get non thinking right wingers to support their cause because their identity is different.  

With left wing guilt do go into hyper-space it is usually down to money. You can have as many lovers as you want. You can be such a drunk that you cannot stand up without help, but, get caught out fiddling or being bought and sold like a prostitute and you can kiss your political career goodbye. As Deep Throat said in the Watergate Scandal follow the money. 

Obama will fall if there is a money trail which links him to something fishy or dodgy. If there is no money trail then there will not be a scandal. Looking for a mole leaking information to Associated Press is not a scandal. Checking the tax affairs of your rivals is not a scandal. Getting blind-sided by a bunch of radicals kicking off all over the Middle East is not a scandal. Having his fingers in the till could be a scandal if the Republicans can prove it.

Meanwhile in the UK Nigel Farage and Margaret Thatcher are about to pull off the biggest political earthquake since Lehmans Day. The Conservatives are about to push for an in/out referendum for the European Union. Margaret Thatcher maybe dead but it is the guilt of political matricide which has kept the Tories in funk for over 20 years. The reason she was kicked out was her negotiation stand on Europe. She did not trust the Germans and hated the idea of greater political union.

Her problem was that she could not tolerate a more nuanced negotiation position or the fact that Nigel Lawson was shadowing the Deutsche Mark which was tantamount to operating a fiscal union à la carte. Obviously Margaret Thatcher would not be happy with this type of policy and Nigel Lawson left government in a hissy fit about being basically told off in front of people.

Now Nigel Lawson has come out in favour of leaving the E.U and those who support being members of the E.U have nowhere to turn as the vehemence of the ‘get out’ campaign is deafening. Nigel Farage the leader of the main anti-EU party is already doing deals not to run candidates against anti-EU Conservative party candidates. This is amazing! It is a bit like the Labour Party – Liberal Democrats non hostile tactic of 1997 to get rid of 18 years of Tory rule.

The result of all these machinations will probably lead to loads of talking points, hue and cry and not much else. Big business will want to stay in the EU because it is good for business and Hilary Clinton will win 2016 Presidency because the right wing media in the US will go overboard in their criticism.