William Hill Customer Service Sucks, 2 Bad!



As the primary website that looks out for the ordinary punter’s best interest, we are going to expose a major company that will take your money if you lose, but, keep your money and ask you to jump through hoops if you have the temerity to be a winner.

William Hill the once major name which meant honesty, gentlemen words being his bond and a trusted brand, has now become a monster of punter abuse. By looking for value a punter will try to get the best deal going. William Hill are glad to oblige. However, once the table is turned and you start winning, they will change the rules, claim that their terms and conditions trump UK law and deliberately obfuscate, obscure and obstruct legitimate request for your winnings.

They are now based in Gibraltar and therefore feel that they have no need to comply with natural justice. They have made a bad mistake, because, we are determined to stop people using their website and/or their shops.

It is our sad regret that we were hoodwinked by these crooks when we promoted the betting firm. We truly believed that they would be a good firm to work with. But, as the old saying goes, beware of a deal that sounds too good. We are sorry to all those people who have been snared by this greedy behemoth and we will do whatever is needed to help all those poor punters that have been shafted by this evil company.

William Hill customer service DO suck and it is not too bad! We are going to fight back with whatever means we have. Please forward this page and spread the word. You do not have to bet with these gangsters and snides. There are options and the option at the moment is ”anyone but William Hill”. 

If you have been turned over by William Hill please get in touch as we will tell your story and keep a light shining on the dodgy dealings of William Hill.

If you have any news let us know we are here to help:

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