Road Map For Egypt

Egypt In Crisis

Egypt In Crisis

As a rabid democrat and pragmatic humanist it is strange siding with a military junta that has just taken over from the democratically elected President. But in this case it needed to be done because President Morsi was not protecting the minorities within his country.

I maybe bias in that I believe religion should be kept out of government and that secularism is the more sensible way of running a country. But, you can never get rid of religion out of people’s lives. There will always be people who have links with supreme beings etc and that is all well and good. However, the population will always need more than spiritual uplifting.

So to make sure that the people do get the right sort of government. The junta need to have re-elections asap, a re-working of the constitution in which there is an impeachment/recall system if an elected official is not up to the job as, Morsi was accused off. The Muslim Brotherhood must be allowed to run in a candidate in the next election. This is important as they must have a chance to put their argument to the people. If they refuse to run then that is up to them. In fact I would put Morsi’s name forward and give him all the machinery to run a campaign. If his opposition was so erratic then this may blow back on them and the Muslim Brotherhood could in theory get back in power – which may not be the best thing to happen but that is democracy for you.

Obviously Morsi’s opposition will be more co-ordinated  and hopefully a more dynamic centrist figure takes over and freedom is restored. Egypt need to win this for the people and the region. All politics is personal and giving bread in the form of sustenance and spirituality is important.