Zero Hour Slavery

slavery chains in the form of contracts

slavery chains in the form of contracts

There is a determined campaign to turn the UK into a hell hole for ordinary people by making the nation unfit for employment rights such as unfair dismissal, health and safety needs and decent wages. The ‘flexible markets’ that we are going to get, whether we like it or not, are designed to give the owners of capital a nice life while the vast majority of the population to fight each other over the scraps that are thrown of the bosses table.

If this sounds like a rant by some embittered lefty, you’re probably right! I clearly use labour from around the world because it is cheap but that does not mean I am opposed to people having a decent life. Zero contracts are not going to give people a decent life. They are designed to hurt people and leave them open to abuse and grief. Does anyone think that the use of zero contracts actual suit the ordinary person?

How would being the beck and call of your so-called employer and not being able to do other work while you’re are in the zero contract is an abuse of the freedom to sell a persons labour to who ever they want to sell their labour too.

Zero contracts does not work and should be banned. Just look how Amazon use ‘Zero Hours’ contracts in the town of Rugeley where some of my friends work and live it is despicable.

Amazon lastest company revealed to have zero-hours contracts

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