E-Cigarettes Are A Waste Of Time

waste of money


At first they seemed like the perfect answer to smoking. You got the nicotine hit without the harmful substances within normal fags. But when the battery ran out guess what a normal cigarette became more attractive and then it happened you brought a pack of fags and your health went back to square one.

E-cigarettes are a waste of time! They look good but in the end they are like an umbilical cord connecting you to the evil weed.

It cannot escape logic that when the evil British American Tobacco company are investing millions into E-cigarettes they are not doing it because it is good for the human race. B.A.T do not care about humanity they are only interested in money. If earning that money mean that they sell a drug that is designed to kill you – so be it.

E-cigarette did at first look great when they came out. You could play poker and smoke at the table in a casino. I suppose they are still useful for that reason but if you want to stop smoking they are completely useless. 

A friend recently came out of hospital after a serious illness. For 3 months he could not smoke and that was great. Then he started the e-cigarette and within weeks he was back on normal cigarettes which is not good. This type of story has been repeated all over the place and no one seems to leave e-cigarettes and stop smoking completely, they seem to revert back to normal smoking.

Therefore the conclusion is that e-cigarettes are bad for you if you want to pack smoking completely.