U.S Govt Shutdown and a U.K Poker Player



If there was a choice between Al Qaeda and The USA it is a no-brainer, the US would win. The US would even win a vote like that in the badlands of Helmand province in deepest Afghanistan. Yes, trust me on this, if the option was a choice between the Taliban and Obama the people of Nad Ali would go to Obama. The reason why there was a problem in Afghanistan was that the flat screen TV was not given to the working class fast enough. It all comes down to is money in the end and whether you can have a good life for reasonable amount of hard work. This is sometimes lost on us pampered Westerners we seem to look at the currency exchange rate and think people are really well off because $1 can buy loads of Afghan notes.

So when the government in the US have a 5 year mental breakdown, it will be of concern to people who do not live in or are a citizen of the USA. At first I found it highly amusing watching the nonsense, but, now the people over there have carried out what they said they were going to do and shut the government down. This is good news if you are a anarchist but I stopped being an anarchist when I became 13! You do need people to make collective decision for society as there is a thing called ‘society’. Yes there are a load of people who will have a load of different definitions of what a society is and what government role in running it is, but, society needs government. End of.

Now this shutdown by the Republican leadership because they did not want to put a bill to vote which does not contain an ‘Obamacare’ pause/defunding/repeal aspect, is going to hurt me. It will hurt me because I may not be able to relax by reading and watching up to date stuff on NASA’s website.

While I play online poker I use NASA.gov for its calming influence. I love it and it is a help to me to earn a couple of quid. Now with it shut down I do not know what will happen. They must keep essentials going I would have thought, but, it cannot have new stuff posted up if the people doing it are shut out of the office…or am I missing a trick?

At the moment things look OK, but if this shutdown goes on will it alter? 

The funny thing about this shutdown is that Obamacare will not stop as it is not reliant on funding from the budget bill! The TEA Party representatives have been caught in a trap that was so visible you could see it from space. The TEA Party has discredited the Republican Party in the most dumbass way, that anyone with some sense of logic or common sense could see a mile away. To say that Ted Cruz is an Obama plant is an understatement. He must be a plant as the tactics used is nonsensical, and now Ted Cruz runs the Republican Party, since Boehner no longer makes decisions. 

Apparently they have an ever bigger argument coming up and that is the debt ceiling debate. Better get the popcorn and beer as the greatest, most powerful country the World has ever seen prepares to default on their creditors because a mixed race, Muslim, Communist Kenyan has usurped the Whitehouse.