After Silk Road, BitCoin Is Next

FBI seized Silk Road Website

FBI seized Silk Road Website

The main reason for using BitCoin has effectively been shut down. Silk Road was the online place where you could buy drugs and other stuff that the authorities may not want you to buy. In the indictment published the FBI also accused Ross William Ulbricht of using a hit man on two occasion to kill a rival.

This seem to be the end of BitCoin since why would you use a digital coin for anything else? I have been fascinated by BitCoin for years but there is no way I would go out of my way to purchase it. The price of these coins seem extortionate. But like a moth to a flame I am constantly attracted to the concept and I have tried and tried to offer services for a piece of a BitCoin but so far no cigar!

Another reason why I will not buy BitCoins is that there will be another Silk Road type website out there and the authorities now have a taste to take out these sites and it will progress to taking out the currency of choice. So sooner or later there will be a war on BitCoins if Silk Road is replaced and it would be stupid to have significant real money in this virtual currency. 

 While I await the BitCoin apocalypse I am still interested in doing a deal. Please contact me if you want to do a deal which involves Bitcoins.