A Business Plan For BitCoin Entrepreneurs

Silk Road Logo

Silk Road Logo

Since we live in a virtual world where reality and dreams can mix, lets devise an idea that will truly free the people from all responsibilities and laws.

This is a libertarian wet dream but now it seems we can does this in reality and still maintain some resemblance of normality. 

Immediately a Silk Road style website is launched. Yes I know the authorities have probably subverted Tor but there must be another way of being anonymous on the net. Next We create a online poker site which takes BitCoins. As well as the online poker site we will also create a way of exchanging BitCoins for real cash so that it is easy to get your money for the real world.

Then we create a world wide call girl/boy sex ring so that men and women can pay for sex using BitCoins anonymously. Again there will be logistics problems but Craiglist seemed to have got over this problem….so I have been told!

So in 3 steps we have circumvented the nation state and let loose cheap quality drugs, unlimited online poker and a take away style brothel. All we need to do now is create a religion which will allow us do these types of activity morally, and everything will be hunky dory. Or will it?

Who is going to work in the factories and the fields while we are off our heads on smack, down on our luck at cards and in rehab for sex addiction? Will we rely on third world child labour to cut down on cost? Will the plutocrats who run the world, and, have been slowly accumulating massive wealth; suddenly take away the Internet after taking all our cash and assets? How would we survive such a shock to the system?

Beware of the Internet! It can be taken away from you and reliance on it will be humanity’s undoing.