L. A. Clippers Derby Race For Ownership

Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling

Well it was a slam dunk! Donald Sterling was given a sentence which will mark him out as a awful human being that deserves to be ostracized from society. Clearly he wont care one iota as he is about to make about $700 million after he has been forced to sell the LA Clippers.

He has a record of suing people, so, no doubt there will be a way of getting more out of the buyer and this is where it gets interesting. Loads of people are coming forward as potential owners and why wouldn’t they? Here is a chance for a billionaire to be given plaudits and showered in confetti for saving the team from the clutches of Beelzebub. Nice!

So in order to see who the ‘knight’ or ‘knightess’ in shining armour should be, the PoolKnave Pari-Mutuel Predictor is now open for you good people to make your judgement and to do it with free crypto-currency KnaveCoin (KNC).

Here is the instructions into how to register and claim your free KNC.

1. Go to PoolKnave Pari-Mutuel Predictor and register.

2. Wait for your free KNC to be loaded.

3. Once loaded go to ‘Win’ market and look for L. A. Clippers Derby Race.

4. Choose the amount of KNC you want to place and place your investment on your choice.

5. Go onto Twitter and shout out loud why you chose whoever to run the LA Clippers and that’s it. Simple!

For the first time in this pathetic affair in which a racist old guy with bad plastic surgery, tried to bully his too young girlfriend to stop being public about hanging out with famous African-American sports star because it castrate is libido, sexual prowess and his friends in the country club wont like it, the word race will be properly used as there is no such thing as race only human beings.

Here are some of the runners and riders for the LA Clippers Derby Race with form guide:

Magic Johnson – for the sheer irony that he would own the club that Donald Sterling secretly hated and despised.

Michael Jordan – the man that defined trainers forever.

David Geffen – may form a consortium with Magic Johnson.

Rick Caruso – Billionaire real estate owner – like Donald Sterling!

Larry Ellison – needs a hobby and has the money to have the ultimate hobby.

Floyd Mayweather – boxing superstar looking for something to do when he retires.

Oscar De la Hoya – boxing superstar looking for something to do now he’s retired.

Chris Hansen – Hedge fund manager need something to do with dodgy cash.

Henry Samueli – need to up his profile for philanthropy. 

Snoop Doogy Dog – needs to do something after his rant about Donald Sterling.

Oprah Winfrey – Billionaire who usually open schools therefore an outsider.

Billy Crystal – Clippers fan but has a dodgy right wing brother who almost tried to supported Donald Sterling by saying what he said was no big deal.

There are bound to be more but this is the list so far so good luck!