Scotland, Don’t Do What Pakistan Did

Mahatma Ghandi - Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Mahatma Ghandi – Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Today is the big day and hopefully Scotland wont make the same mistake as Pakistan when the British decided to indulge Jinnah’s ego and create a mess called East and West Pakistan.

There was no need for it and has led to massive communal killings and numerous wars. What has been the benefit of Pakistan and Bangladesh separating and becoming  independent states? Exactly!

Nationalism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Napoleon Bonaparte used it to become Emperor, Stalin used it to create socialism in one country killing loads of people, Adolf Hitler used it to kill millions of people to create a perfect ‘race’, Deng Xiao Ping used it to bring capitalism into a Communist country creating the concept of a class ridden society and George W Bush used it to start a war on Iraq when the real problem was the Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and the exporting of this cruel ideology financed by petro-dollars.

In fact Wahhabism is so dangerous that it needs to be destroyed giving its adherents the joy of having 72 virgins everyday in heaven since these people hate science and education, looking on liberal thinking as wicked. The sooner President Obama wipes out ISIL, Al Qeada and finally all Wahhabist organisation the better. People can believe what they want to believe but these practitioners what to use technology to drive us back to the Dark Ages. They’re a bit like well financed Khmer Rouge types.  You can tell them a mile away as they insist women wear all black with slits for eyes and the men where white Saudi Thobe Robe.

In the end nationalism will lead to hatred, animosity and envy. Voting for independence because David Cameron is a twat sounds OK but it would be wrong.

I have a sneaky £4.05 to win £22.5 giving me roughly 9/2 about a 52 for No and 48 for Yes vote. I will gladly lose that £4.05 if Scotland vote NO.