Apparent Online Fraud Case Goes Legal

Darren Woods

Darren Woods

Wow, another day, another court case. After the famous Phil Ivey and the ‘edge sorting’ court case over £7.7 million money apparently won by dodgy means. We now have a case in which fraud has been alleged as well as collusion and the use of multiple names and accounts.

Darren Woods a former WSOP bracelet winner is accused of cheating out of a load of money and on various websites such as 2 + he has been accused of making funny movements in different names.

According to reports in the local newspaper (Grimsby Telegraph)  the trial in Sheffield, involves his father Morteza Gharoon and involves his mother  Jacqueline Gharoon. 

Yet again we have a very interesting story which will undoubtedly make a great film. Why do poker chuck up such great stories that seem perfect for the silver screen? Yes to those on 2 + 2 would want to strip all the romance and ‘magic’ from the noble art of vagabonds and degenerates, replacing it with bots, algorithms and other geek stuff.

Why are these joyless individuals so rampant on destroying online poker with graphs and charts? These people will pore over endless computations to find the slightest  tic on a individual and believe that their action is some what OK. Why should unsuspecting players be subject to electronic stalking? Isn’t electronic stalking morally wrong?

The sooner all poker sites have anonymous players the better. I somehow doubt it as the online poker sites and the electronic stalking geek players have a vested interest in raping the casual online poker players.