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A mask

A mask

Poker as a game can relate to politics. With the Republicans crushing the Democrats in the 2014 mid terms, has created a situation in which the Republicans have a winning hand. The Republicans know it and the Democrats know it. However, there is the river card to come and do the Republicans make it too expensive to call their bet or do they get the Democrats out the game now and put their true beliefs on the table?

This is the same that happens in poker. Do you play the percentages or do you risk losing overall by trying to be clever? It is clear that the nation has a short attention span and it is also clear that they want simple solutions to complex issues don’t we all.

In the UK Cameron is now in a death game with the Eurosceptics of his own party. He want to stay in the European Union but the majority of his party do not. So to protect his position he has to tack to the right but now his so called allies such as Angela Merkel are saying that the UK cannot have want Cameron wants and the EU must start thinking of a EU without the UK. Basically she is calling David Cameron’s bluff over negotiations about the free movement of labour, or, immigration as it is commonly known.

A skilled politician is a skilled psychologist. Just like a skilled poker player is a player who knows the maths and the mind of his opponent. Luck comes into it i.e Crimea, Ebola and ISIS in the US. Scotland, UKIP and Europe in the UK. The rivals of the leaders need things to happen in the right way to gain advantage and so far the cards have fallen nicely for the opposition. 

The mask of the players are now fallen and their true nature becomes apparent. What do the masses do will be interesting. Popular right wing leadership now has it day to shine. The time to bluff has ended.