Pick Up Artist Is A Great Scam

If  You See A Pick Up Artist You Need Psychological Help

If You See A Pick Up Artist You Need Psychological Help Like Tony Soprano

I wish I had thought of it! Getting people to give you money to help them believe that they can sleep with any woman in the world is like those ‘Nigerian bankers‘ who have heard of my impeccable character and therefore wish to put $300 million in my bank account. Or, those nice Canadians who send me a letter telling me of the marvelous lottery winnings I have gained and I should reclaim it as soon as I send them a check for $50 to release the ”necessary papers”.

You really have to be some kind of numpty to fall for this, but, apparently there are thousands out there who do and they pay a load of cash to be told that it is all in the mind and corny ‘chat up lines’. Yes, chat up lines you used to read in comics or those comedic Hollywood films from the 50’s and 60’s. 

It has got to the stage where the government in Australia and the UK are refusing visa to these ‘experts’, why? Well they are considered dangerous and in a way they are because some of the methods they use are bordering on sexual harassment and will get you locked up or shot by some irate family member or friend. So these guys are messing with mens’ head by perpetuating that the world will not notice that there are blokes walking around who are verging on being pest.

Well they do have something right it is all in the mind. So if you want to follow these pick up artist save your money and go to a psychologist instead as you will need some mental health help. Seriously, pick up artist are scam artist. To meet women there are 3 simple things to do.

1. Go where women hang out. If you like sporty women go to places where sporty women hang out. If you like musical women go to gigs. If you like intelligent women join a book club. If you like night clubbing join a dance club.

2. Develop your character so that you are a nice person. Woman do not like nasty people unless they are nasty themselves, so get rid of the rubbish bits in your head.

3. Ask women out. Yes it is a numbers game but sooner or later if you do not repulse ladies with dodgy ideas you will find someone who will find you interesting. 

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