Is Online Poker Doomed?

Yahoo Poker Shutting down

Yahoo Poker Shutting down

When a major online firm like Yahoo cannot start a new poker website and in effect close after a month or two of opening then you have to ask yourself has online poker got a future?

Apparently it is fairly simple to run a online poker site and whatever you say about Yahoo they must be able to run a technically acceptable site. So the problem has to be number of players on the site. This can be a trickier situation as the biggest online poker site faces is liquidity or put simply traffic. How many players play and security are going to be the big issues.

Since they are closing they must have been none to minimum players playing and having 3 million play by Yahoo cant be the reason??? They site beefing up security so that shouldn’t be difficult for the tech Goliath.

Alongside big mega companies finding online poker difficult there is the problem of consumer security, with a Danish multi-million poker school claiming that a Trojan horse virus has been put on their computers which would tell the crooks what their cards are.  If true then this is another worrying breach of security. Security breaches have always been a problem with online poker and will continue to be.

So with the saturation of poker websites, security issues never seeming to go away online poker will need a period of consolidation with the bigger ones taking over the little ones. As stated in previous post when the US finally make online poker legal, then, hopefully the strong consumer protection regulations will standardize security. Then hopefully poker 3.0 will become a reality.