Bleeding Poker

Bleeding Chips In Online Poker

Bleeding Chips In Online Poker

God I am really hating online tournament poker at the moment! Especially those rubbish games in which I am constantly losing. I am getting to the final 20 or 30 players then it all goes belly up. No matter what I have I get called and invariably I am leading then I lose it on the river. The bloody river why?

I have had enough and I refuse to play online tournament poker again. Well I wont play with my own money. If someone want to chip me up they can and I will do my best but I would not stake me as a player until there is a change in form.

I could play SnG’s but you really have to play multiple tables at a time which is very time consuming. I am not a fan of online cash games but at this moment in time it is the only option for me if I want to play online.

Bleeding chips is almost heart breaking and you can see the other players smell the fear via the Internet. It is horrible and I cannot take it anymore.


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