Bleeding Poker Part 2

Lost Again To Go To Las Vegas

Lost Again To Go To Las Vegas

The bad beats are beginning to hurt and I had to write a poem about my bad experiences getting blown out of the water two places from the money. It may not soften you cold harden heart but it helps me put into perspective the pain I feel


Poker tournament Viva Las Vegas 2015
At Sky Poker happy face
Gonna need help
Trip to unknown place!

Smiling instead lets do battle
Are they all share same colors? 
Not again I’m in another roulette 

Queen king suited verses Ace 3 suited
Me and my sidekick ready for a road trip
It enriches the soul, sharpens to a damp squib

Crash, bang wallop again
Hold’em! Check out and
Las Vegas, Nevada not happening!


Johnny Cash – These Hands