UK Progressive Politics Is Divided

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg

The General Election 2015 is now shaping up to be a transformative election. The Liberal Democrats has been shattered into many pieces. The Labour vote has stagnated. Naked nationalism and ‘Balkanisation’ is now the order of the day. The United Kingdom will not exist in 5 years time. The Tory tactic of divide and rule has won again.

Nick Clegg has destroyed his party by being the willing idiot used and abused by the tories and he like it. He claimed that things like the ‘Bedroom’ tax, increase in VAT, Inheritance tax cut and the ultimate betrayal tuition fee were necessary. This smashed the consensus of the progressive alliance. Now with the votes coming in, it is clear that the Liberal Democrats have taken the blame for having bringing in taxes which do not benefit the cause of redistribution. Now the progressive vote is split between Labour, Greens, Scottish National Party, Respect and Plaid Cwmry, which is brilliant for David Cameron and the Conservative party.

The Labour party has stagnated and will be hard pushed to regain its argument as being the leader of ‘the workers’. It seems the workers do not care about history or the struggle between labour and capital. The cowardice of Ed Miliband in not going to Scotland and face the nationalist on the street was a big mistake. This act of cowardice left the street wide open and was only half heatedly tackled by Jim Murphy and Eddie Izzard before they ran off.

Yes. the Labour party can argue that the media especially the Murdoch press and media. constantly attacked Ed Miliband with silly stories and character assassinations, but, that was always going to be the case and Labour needed a new tactic to fight this and Labour came up short.

The big news is that Scottish Nationalism is in the driving seat to gain independence. They will gain independence since Labour will never join the Conservatives in any referendum campaign. The march to independence cannot be stopped. Once Scotland get independence then Wales will be the next step in the Balkanisation of the United Kingdom.

The Conservative tactics of divide and rule was a good one for David Cameron because the Scottish people liked the idea of upsetting the Tories. This then gave David Cameron the chance to stir up English nationalism by saying the Scots would bully Ed Miliband giving the impression that the MPs in Scotland were not ‘legitimate’. Pandering to uninformed nationalism was the road that Slobodan Milošević took in Yugoslavia and we all know how that ended.

In the end, the Conservatives will be able to form a government and it is done to great campaigning, great media support and the flirtation of nationalism.