Poem About Gambling Altcoins



That many know specific games
Online account. Follow here:
Tournament dreams countless times.
Was so fun! Glad we could be there.

BBC 7pm. Relax watch live don’t stand 
Loads of gold bracelet for poker title
To get value from a premium bonds in hand.
Win, then get inevitable legal battle

£15,500 prizes lucky contestants events
Him? It’s entirely up to his partner her
Still they manage to get the points

Try before you buy some shares.
Getting around & avoiding lines
Still, check all the features!

Hope I outlive them red roses
No home for we Southerners 
But the cops swear I’m a drug lord?

Say goodbye to a bet not a good backer
First year of the altcoins freshman list
The Knavecoin name is proper
A moniker for the future what an artist!

Another SnG as soon as I can
Jesus Christ your voice
Exhibit caution on line of course

Chat for 5 minutes and got banned
Ah well here is to another website
What happened?